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Duayen Foundation has been working in India from 2017 with its focus on eradication of social issues. We do this through well-planned, comprehensive programs in the domains of education, and livelihood with preparedness and response. We also focus on generating and sharing our research knowledge with diverse stakeholders to influence sustainable impact at a larger scale. Our blanket goal is empowerment of children from poor and marginalized communities.

This will lead to improvement in their lives and future livelihood. Apart from this, we are building a common awareness tool from which government and all 36 lac registered organizations can get maximum benefits of social awareness programs through cost effective methods. Duayen Foundation is committed to work on all three levels i.e. administrative, executive and legal, to achieve this objective registered in March, 2017.


During these three years, DF has directly reached out to 23.1 million people through the Unmukt India project. Under this awareness and mobilization campaign about child begging, our founder, Ashish Sharma, the Foot Soldier covered more than 179 districts during his foot march across India. We are focusing on the development of a mass  awareness tool so that  entire India can get benefits with cost effective ideas. 

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Walked 17,000 km to Make India Child-Begging Free


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