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Duayen Foundation has been working in India for past four years with its focus on eradication of various social issues. We do this through well planned comprehensive programs in the domains of education, and livelihood with preparedness and response. We also focus on generating and sharing our research knowledge with diverse stakeholders to influence sustainable impact on a larger scale. Our blanket goal is empowerment of children from poor and marginalized communities. This will lead to improvement in their lives and a better future livelihood.

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Success Stories

The man who walked 17,000 km across India to end child begging

One man. One mission. A 17,000km walk to spread awareness. This is the story of Ashish Sharma, a 29-year-old man from Delhi who works relentlessly with his Duayen Foundation to eradicate child begging from Indian society. 

His philosophy is that working on resolving this one issue can effectively put children in school and eliminate many associated problems such as child trafficking, child prostitution, child labouring, rag picking, drug mafia, amongst a slew of others. His sharp focus and unwavering determination makes him a true Indian hero.

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From building an eco-system where we work towards eradication of various issues from our country



Since 2017, we are working on various programs from health care, sports facilities, providing structured education to different awareness programs.


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