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According to the National Health Survey (NHS), more than 19 crore Indians are under-nourished or face hunger. The irony is that the first programme to deal with hunger was launched under British rule in 1939.  The National Food Security Act was legislated in 2013 to tackle the same problem.

Recent Global Hunger Index released by the International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI) shows that India is among the worst performers on the fronts of hunger and malnutrition.

A total of 36 per cent children are underweight and 58 per cent are anaemic. The teeming millions of under-nourished or hungry children form a feeble generation for years in the country.

Wastage of food has been highlighted by various agencies including the national auditor. According to one estimate, 40 per cent of all food produced goes waste at godowns, restaurants and during community feats.

Contribute to Duayen foundation to help our pioneering & pain-staking endeavour to ensure that no poor or under-privilaged child goes hungry in India. They are our future and yours.

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